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LeGreen Coffee Bean Pure is a highly praised food supplement that claims to work wonders to help you lose several pounds in a few days. This supplement to Green Coffee Bean Extract is available under two names: Green Coffee® or Green Coffee Bean Pure.

According to the Green Coffee Bean Pure site, 97.6% of users lost more than 10 kilos in 4 weeks. Also, on the Green Coffee Bean Pure site there are many testimonials from users who claim to have lost between 14 and 35 kilos in a few months.

But is he the Green Coffee Bean Pure Bean effective as he claims?

According to information on the main component of Green Coffee Bean Pure is the extract of green coffee beans. Again, the chlorogenic acid it contains is at least 50%.

In addition, it contains the following ingredients:

The recommended dose of Green Coffee Bean Pure is 1 capsule per day before breakfast or as recommended by your doctor.

The Green Coffee Bean Pure bottle contains 30 pills that are enough for one month.

The Green Coffee Bean Pure site does not mention whether or not this green coffee supplement has any side effects.

The Green Coffee Bean Puren' is not available in pharmacies or health food stores in France. It can only be purchased on its website. The shipment is sent by mail and the delivery is made within 1-3 working days.

Each bottle of Green Coffee Bean Pure costs 38 euros. The two bottles cost €66, the three €89 and the four cost 112 euros. Shipping is free. Payment is made directly upon delivery.

According to its website, the Green Coffee Bean Pure offers a 60-day money back guarantee. The refund request where the cancellation of the order must be sent electronically and the company has the right to refuse if it believes that the request is not reasonable.

The Green Coffee Bean Pure is a complement to avoid. It does not provide clear information on the quantity of its ingredients. It is one of the most expensive supplements to green coffee extract.

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